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AG Bill Barr: “I’m Trying to Restore the Rule of Law”

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first_imgU.S. Attorney General William Barr appeared before a group of congressmen who painted two extremely different pictures of what is actually going on the country in the legal sense. The attorney general did not take any guff and refuted accusations by House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler that he is helping out the president’s friends and going after his enemies.Attorney Barr asked, “Which of the president’s enemies have I gone after? I haven’t indicted one enemy of the president.”On the issue that Barr helped the president’s friends, the attorney general said the Stone and Flynn cases needed intervention to rectify rule of law.The president’s friends don’t deserve special breaks, but they also should not be treated more harshly. That is not the rule of law.Attorney Barr says our Federal Courts are under attack and protecting them is the purview of the Federal Government. The US Marshals have a duty to defend and protect these courthouses.Barr added that “Operation Legend” is meant to address violent crimes in cities, not protests. He added that some of the marshals in Portland, Oregon some have been injured by projectiles that have hit the bone and blinded by lasers as they try to defend the courthouses.Barr explained, “After a month of rioting in Portland, we sent in about 20 special operations Marshals who are tactical, padded and protected.” He asked, “When it alright to destroy a federal courthouse?”The democrats on the committee accused Barr of having a difficulty in discerning the difference between systemic institutional racism and isolated racism.The Attorney General had cited statistics that revealed that police had killed more white suspects than black in the last year, but that the George Floyd killing was “horrible.”Barr did not agree that there is systemic racism in our police departments or in the society, but he would root it out if it exists. He also did not agree with removing qualified immunity afforded to officers.Barr said some protests have been hijacked by “violent rioters and anarchists” and argued that federal properties must be protected. Barr also accused many protesters of demonizing police.last_img read more

Unhappy birthday for Kohl Center

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first_imgOn the 10th anniversary of the Kohl Center, the Wisconsinwomen?s basketball team lost a heart breaker to the Michigan Wolverines inovertime, 79-73. After leading by as many as 11 points in the second half, theBadgers blew a late lead, setting the stage for a remarkable finish.With the game tied and less than 30 seconds remaining,Wisconsin’s Jolene Anderson drove to the lane and found point guard Rae LinD?Alie wide open. D’Alie made a three-pointer that appeared to seal a win for theBadgers with 10 seconds left in the game.However, in Michigan?s next possession, center KristaPhillips heaved a desperation shot from nearly half-court and made thegame-tying basket.?It was a lucky shot,? Phillips said. ?Luck ? that?s theonly word I can use to describe it.?Lucky or not, Phillips, a 6-foot-6 center, made her presencenoticeable throughout the game, especially down the stretch. She dominated theboards and the inside offensive game. She scored 15 points and grabbed sevenrebounds for the Wolverines.?It was a great shot when she hit it,? D?Alie said. ?Icouldn?t believe it when she threw it up. Right away I was like, ?Oh my gosh, Ican?t believe it,? but I immediately thought that when we went to overtime, wehad to score in the first two minutes, and we just couldn?t do that.?Anderson also had an impressive game, scoring 30 points andkeeping the Badgers in the game throughout regulation. But her wild 3-pointshot as time expired in the second period did not go, and she only scored threepoints in the following overtime period.Going into overtime, Wisconsin looked sluggish and forcedbad shots, allowing Michigan to take an early lead they never gave up.?Our team was a bit deflated and defeated going into thattimeout at the start of the overtime period,? UW head coach Lisa Stone said.?It kind of breaks your heart when emotions are going your way and then Phillipsmakes a deep, deep 3.?Throughout the game, the Badgers looked in control, butcould not put the game away. When they did not extend their lead, the Badgersallowed Michigan to create offensive opportunities and score points in thepaint and off of turnovers.?Like coach Stone always says, it was swinging our way,? Wisconsinsenior Janese Banks said. ?But, I mean, it?s the Big Ten, and nobody?s going toquit. … They just kept battling, and I think that at the same time. … Weneed to be more conscious during the game of things that could be potentialmomentum swingers.Before the game, Anderson was honored with a basketballpresented by UW athletic director Barry Alvarez. The ceremony commemorated herpassing of Barb Frank for the UW all-time scoring record in women?s basketball.last_img read more