My paintings are personal

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first_imgHowever, with  time  his  art  became  more  restrictive  and  nuanced. Following that,  his  pictorial  space  became  vacant  and  less  detailed  where  figures  were  reduced  to  their  bare structural essentials.In his on-going exhibition Building dreams from very little…, compositions of lithographs, watercolours and drawings, have certain reiterative images like a ball of thread symbolising the thread of human  destiny; a  rib-cage visible through the parched paper-thin skin. Hore’s deftly delineated figures serve as negative manifestations of community, ideology and a nation undergoing cataclysmic  changes. Hore’s body of work is a facsimile impression of the unending poverty and violence in the world. ‘My paintings are personal, a response, almost a conversation, with my surroundings,’ said Hore.When: Till 20 DecemberWhere: Art Heritage Gallerylast_img

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