Vancouver couple prove theres no age limit on romance happiness

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first_imgIn June 1998, bride-to-be Norma advised her fiance that she’d give him 20 years and then consider renegotiating their contract. She was a few months ahead of schedule when she announced, a week before Valentine’s Day, that Victor has nothing to worry about.“He’s my sweetie,” said Norma Goetz, 78.“She’s my cookie,” said Victor Goetz, 89.A shared passion for books, classical music, museums and theater is one thing that never stops drawing these relocated culture vultures together, they said. Also key is religious faith, even though the details differ for each of them. But devotion to a big, blended family is the main thing.The shaggy tale of how Victor and Norma met, merged and moved, first to a big home in Seattle and then a compact one in east Vancouver, is a perfect example of how life’s unpredictable and even tragic detours can still lead to happiness and love, Norma Goetz said.“Life turned left instead of right,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. And we’ve had a lot of fun.”Travel and a twistNew Jersey native Victor Goetz started out an Orthodox Jew. Arkansas native Norma Owings, who moved to Portland as a teenager, grew up Catholic. The “religion corner” in their living room features not just artistic crucifixes and Stars of David but also icons from the Greek Orthodox faith, which both embraced for a while, to differing degrees, when they lived near Seattle.last_img

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