Fan creates free cutesy Game of Thrones retro platformer

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first_imgThe HBO series Game of Thrones is famous for its sweeping visuals, high-quality special effects, and droning yet rhythmic theme music. A fan-made video game version of Game of Thrones is quite the opposite. The PC game, created by Spanish game designer Abel Alves, is a retro-style 8-bit platformer. Interestingly, it’s still recognizable as GoT, and even follows a rough outline of the story.The game starts out with a steep vertical climb up the Wall with the player taking on the role of John Snow. Over the course of the game you also play as other characters, like Daenerys. The gameplay is classic platforming, where you move from left to right across the level, defending against various enemies in the process. It even has a chiptunes version of that rhythmic theme music.The controls are straightforward. The left and right arrow keys move you side-to-side, and the up arrow jumps. The Z and X buttons are the regular and special attacks, respectively. It seems responsive, but there is the occasional bug. It’s freeware, though, so you shouldn’t complain much.The developer isn’t charging anything, but HBO is probably still going to be upset. Not only is the game using characters from Game of Thrones, it has dialog and screenshots from the series. A cease and desist is probably being drafted right now. So if you’ve got a hankering for some platforming at King’s Landing, better act fast. The game is just 68MB in size and PC-only.last_img

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