Locket pays you just for unlocking your Android device

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first_imgEarning a little cash for doing next to nothing sure sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’re willing to hand over control of your Android lockscreen to a new app called Locket, you can earn money just by swiping to unlock.Locket says that the ad space on your Android lockscreen is the the most valuable around, which makes sense. You can’t access your fancy, multi-hundred-dollar smartphone’s functionality without first swiping past it, after all. Join Locket’s captive audience, and you’ll get paid for the same action you’re already doing anyway.The difference, of course, is that your custom background will be replaced by an advertisement. You don’t have to interact with it, however. If you’re interested and want to take advantage of a special offer or watch a brief trailer, swipe to the left. Not so keen on what’s being pitched? Swipe to the right to access your phone like you normally would.Now, you’re not going to get rich using Locket. You’ll earn one cent for qualifying swipes — but there’s a maximum of three per hour. At three cents per hour, it would take you 14 days of constant maxxing out to earn ten bucks. Since very few people unlock their phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it’s going to take much longer in the real world.Still, money is money. It’s not like that hilarious cat picture is putting any extra coin in your pocket, and even if you only earn $5 in three months it’s still enough to pay for a couple of beers at happy hour four times a year. Even if you’re not interested in the money, someone else will be. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity instead of cashing out.Yes, Locket has the potential to be an annoyance. If you can sit through ads while you watch tv or flip through them while you read a magazine, however, it ought to be easy enough to adjust on Android. And at least Locket will compensate you for your participation.last_img

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