Microsoft working on their own version of Apples Time Machine for Windows

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first_imgOver the last few years, Microsoft has co-opted many of the better innovations of Apple’s Mac OS X, making Windows 7 the most Mac-like Windows yet. It’s a trend that’s set to continue, as Microsoft is now working on a new feature for Windows 8 called History Vault that bares an eerie similarity to Apple’s own Time Machine functionality, first unveiled in OS X 10.5 Leopard.According to WinRumors, History Vault will allow Windows 8 users to backup files and data automatically using Windows’ baked-in Shadow Copies functionality. This backup feature would include the ability to restore your system to a specific time or date on the system, as well as allow users to select files and restore them from different timestamps.Obviously, this is functionality very similar to Time Machine, which in the next version of OS X codenamed Lion is set to be beefed up with new versioning functionality. On OS X, just plugging a USB hard drive into a Mac prompts users whether or not they want to turn it into an automatic Time Machine backup, allowing them to easily restore their most latest system changes in case of a hard drive failure. Presumably, Windows 8’s History Vault feature will function similarly. Unlike Apple, though, Microsoft doesn’t have a strong reason to introduce automated backups for any reason besides ticking off a box on a feature checklist. The reason Apple unveiled Time Machine was to solve the problem of customers becoming irate when their Mac’s hard drives were wiped when brought in for servicing at their local Apple Store’s Genius Bar. Microsoft doesn’t make its own hardware, and is therefore not on the hook for users’ lost data when their hardware fails. At least OEMs will be happy, though.Read more at WinRumorslast_img

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