200inch glassesfree 3D TV is the definition of excessive

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first_imgThere’s a lot of talk these days about how consumers aren’t really interested in having 3D TVs in their home, but that isn’t stopping NICT from creating the largest commercially available 3D screen to date. And it doesn’t even require the use of glasses.Perhaps it’s more of a show-off product than anything else. NICT was on a mission to dismiss the previous notion that glasses-free 3D displays need to be small and viewed from a direct head-on perspective, otherwise quality would deteriorate and be useless.AdChoices广告However, by adjusting the LED light sources all over the display, NICT was able to greatly reduce these errors, and create what is apparently a pretty solid 3D product.No word on how many millions of dollars one of these contraptions actually costs.Via Akihabara Newslast_img

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