Weird Wide Web Romance machines and livetweeting an assasination attempt

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first_imgElectric bike of the weekThe Hero Eco A2B Metro electric bike: for when you just can’t be bothered to pedal.Uploaded by ElectricBikeReportRomantic machine of the weekComputers are an invaluable tool in our daily lives. But have you ever wished they could be more… romantic?Well, new tech start-up Desti has created an iPad application using an algorithm that allows it to ‘think’ like a human. So now when you want to choose a romantic restaurant or getaway hotel, it will scan reviews and other information online to find your perfect location without having to rely on keywords and phrases like “romantic”, “glamorous” or “very cheap but just about acceptable to the fairer sex”.Soon you won’t have to think for yourself at all.Federico Marsicano via ShutterstockRead all previous Weird Wide Webs> WELCOME TO THE WEIRD Wide Web – where we take a look at the week’s best offerings in tech and social media news.Bizarre Twitter stream of the weekA former member of the notorious jihadist group al-Shabab livetweeted an alleged attempt on his life earlier this week. At one point Omar Hammami, currently living in an undisclosed area of Somalia, tweeted: “just been shot in neck by shabab assassin. not critical yet”.(We recommend taking a look at your life choices, should you ever find yourself composing such a message.)Non-creepy-use-of-ephemeral-messaging of the weekThe creators of “ephemeral” image-messaging have sworn repeatedly that the service is not meant for ‘sexting’ and we, of course, give them the benefit of the doubt – but are nevertheless heartened to see another, genuinely noble, use for the technology: whistleblowing.Security expert Nico Sell has created Wickr, a “military-grade” encrypted-messaging service which destroys information after a set amount of time, leaving no trace.last_img

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