The Struggle Inside Faces of Recovery

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In his earliest memory, Owen Pelletier is four or five years old and locked with his sister in a bedroom on a sunny day, hammering at the window pane with a toy hammer. Their parents were drinking.Don’t worry, I’ll get us outside, he said to console her.Pelletier only came to understand in his 30s that the trauma he experienced in his early years was at the root of what happened later in his life — dealing with addictions while jailed.Real change for him didn’t come through the programs offered in Saskatchewan correctional centres; it began after another man who similarly tried to overcome an addiction while incarcerated introduced him to STR8 UP, an organization that works to transition former gang members out of that lifestyle.To read the entire story, click here.Related The Struggle Inside: Drugs inundate Saskatchewan jails (Part 1) The Struggle Inside: Punishment vs. treatment (Part 2) The Struggle Inside: Faces of Recovery (Part 3)

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