Get a good night’s sleep on a Wright Mattress

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first_imgFinding the right mattress can be difficult, and for those of you discerning shoppers, you want something that’s a little more high-end than your standard $500 mattress, but cheaper than the top-of-the-line Swedish mattresses that can sell for up to $20,000. “There’s never really been one brand that has been synonymous with premium quality other than the $20,000 Swedish luxury brands,” said Dan Hauber. “Tempurpedic, Serta, they’ll have mattresses for $6,000, but they’ll also sell them for $700. So there’s not really a brand you can trust that is a premium brand. There’s no Mercedes in this space. There’s a bunch of Toyotas or Lamborghinis.”Hauber, who honed his mattress experience as an engagement manager at McKinsey & Company, decided to create the Mercedes of mattresses, so he founded Wright Bedding. “The bed is the most important space in your life. You spend a third of your life there. There’s no more personal, more special space — but obviously shopping for your bed is terrible,” said Hauber.Hauber knew that multi-layer, high density memory foam is the best kind of mattress, so he had a prototype created, and gathered two dozen people to test them out while measuring their sleep data for two years. “We could see what was leading to better and more optimum sleep,” he said, before explaining the final product. “The idea is it combines a plush, soft cushy top layer, then increasingly stiffer and firmer base layers, to get that perfect balance. It’s engineered to last forever. We guarantee all our mattresses for 15 years, so The magic of the mattress.”The Wright mattress also has a gel-infused top layer and reinforced corners, as well as a removable cover and a ventilated, fabric shell that you can wash. The twin starts at $1,395 and the the California king goes for $2,195. We tested out the Wright mattresses, and believe us, we know you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep for years to come. Wright Bedding also makes sheets, down comforters, and down pillows, so you know you’re getting the right fit.For more information, visit The Mission Workshop Khyte Sets a New Standard for Messenger Bags Editors’ Recommendations World’s First Luxury Space Hotel Promises Climbing Wall, Low-Gravity Basketball Courts How to Choose the Best Organic Mattress for Greener Sleep Learn Guitar (and Don’t Give Up) With the Fender Play App The Ultimate Pillow Guide: The 6 Best Pillows for All Sleepers last_img

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