Stunning Royalty Free Podcast Music

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first_imgSee what goes into crafting a great podcast soundtrack, then take a listen to our hand-picked list of royalty free podcast music tracks.Cover image via Shutterstock.Image via Shutterstock.Whether it’s Pop Culture Happy Hour’s comforting guitar-strumming intro or the low-key drumbeat of Indiewire’s Screen Talk, music in podcasts quietly works in the background to enhance each episode. So how can you maximize the effectiveness of your podcast soundtrack? Let’s take a look.When you listen to effective podcasts, a common theme emerges: the musical score is always dialled right back. The most successful podcast creators know that it’s the message that comes first, not the soundtrack. The music exists mainly to fill the silence between lines of dialog — rather than compete with it.Image via Shutterstock.But just because podcast soundtracks are generally low-key, it doesn’t mean that they don’t play a big role. One of the most important jobs of podcast music is to establish a distinct character. This can go a long way to setting a podcast apart from the crowd.To help create this unique identity, consider using a consistent music track across each episode. Start with an appropriate audio logo. An audio logo can act as your musical signature, helping to build recognition for your corporate or personal branding.Within your podcast, incorporate consistent instrumentation or musical genres too. Like — as Pitchfork mentions in their excellent podcast music article — how actress and writer Lena Dunham sought out a ’90s grunge/girl-group sound for her Women of the Hour series.Image via Shutterstock.On a more practical note, how can you start building your perfect podcast soundtrack? Well, on that front, we’ve got you covered. Our music team has curated a great selection of royalty free underscore from the PremiumBeat collection to get you inspired. Plus, each music track comes with loops and short clips — perfect for podcast intros or to fill gaps between segments.While these tracks may be low-key, they’re built to engage listeners. With a Standard License, you can use one track in as many of your podcast episodes as you want. Take a listen, and discover your podcast’s perfect musical match.last_img

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