When will the probe be launched on whether fake voters were registered in H2H?

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first_imgDear Editor,Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter – Martin Luther King JrThere is a deafening silence about the serious allegation that was made in July 2019 that thousands of non-Guyanese have arrived in Guyana over the last four years and then disappeared into thin air. This situation is further reinforced by the fact that many of these non-Guyanese have secured work permits and are working with two security companies whose owners are closely aligned to the PNC. In addition to that, these non-Guyanese are alleged to have been given all sorts of documents to facilitate their registration during the House-to-House process (H-2-H). This is a dangerous situation for all Guyanese since these non-Guyanese can influence the outcome of our general elections which then compromise its freeness and fairness.It was no less a person than former PNC Minister Kit Nascimento who explained that the caretaker Minister of Citizenship, Mr Felix, had to rely on the Brazilian authorities to present information on some of these migrants. Is it a case that Guyana has lost control of its borders? Was it not Mr Granger who said he will be the security President and he will bring greater protection to the territorial integrity of the nation?Yet Mr Felix did not see it fit to launch a probe into this dangerous national security situation involving non-Guyanese who are allegedly parading all over the nation. Some have even advanced to the stage of securing fake documents and are presenting themselves as bonafide voters since they were able to register in the compromised H-2-H process in the absence of non-PNC verification.While I welcome the Minister’s call to launch a probe into the situation where there is an allegation that persons in the Rupununi are in possession of fake official Guyanese documents, I would like to point out his hypocrisy in ignoring the wider national security problem of thousands of non-Guyanese arriving in Guyana and then falling off the radar.When you become a national figure, your first duty is in the service and protection of the entire nation impartially. Your duty is to address the fears of all Guyanese whether they live at Buxton or Albion, irrespective if they are your supporters or not. But what I am observing from the action from Mr Felix is that he is operating like a PNC Minister in a land of only PNC members, in subservience to the diktats of Congress Place and in adherence to the Sophia Declaration which stated in 1976 that “the State is just but an arm of the PNC party”.Has paramountcy of the PNC party returned to Guyana?Regards,Sasenarine Singhlast_img

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