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first_imgDear Editor,This is the mantra of this Government and its subordinates: Ask no questions; whatever is handed down to you just simply accept; there should be no questions coming from the aggrieved party.It is a highhanded, dictatorial attitude handed down to us by our local slave masters, the PNC/AFC Coalition. From the “boss” himself, this has been the pattern of their behaviour: a top-down, draconian, dictatorial approach; it is our way or no way.Granger foisted a geriatric’s appointment on us in the person of GECOM Chairman Mr Patterson, and expects no one to question his so-called authority. The other Patterson gentleman did the same thing in his ministry with those arbitrary cash transactions wherein millions of dollars in public funds have been placed in his private account. He, too, is belligerent about those nefarious transactions, and wants no one to even ask about his stewardship of public monies.Recently, we have seen another misfit in Minister Sarabo-Halley, and her arbitrary dismissals just weeks into office. This minister is doing some slave master duties in getting rid of staff.You name a ministry and the corruption is there. Oh, what a wonderful Government we serve!Now, the latest in this line of corrupt transactions is the call by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo for the reinstatement of the fired Sherod Duncan. Duncan, you may recall, was the individual who, within 3 months of his appointment, had squandered over $5 million in corrupt activities, including signing of dubious cheques while making overseas trips at lavish costs to taxpayers. This is the person whose termination Mr Nagamootoo finds was harsh and arbitrarily done, and said he should be afforded the opportunity to get back his job.Now, my question is: What is harsh about terminating such a person? the answer is, “Nothing”. In Duncan’s case, his termination was an internal affair. If this matter had been taken to court, this man would have served jail time, yet Nagamootoo is making out a plea for this man. Isn’t this preposterous? If this is not the height of lawlessness, then tell me what is.No wonder there is public discontent and a no-confidence vote against this Government. The people are saying we have had it with this administration, and it is more than enough time for them to call elections and let us have an installation of a democratic institution called government.Respectfully submitted,Neil Adamslast_img

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