Atlético cries against another penalty by Casemiro in a derby

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first_img32nd minute of the Bernabéu match. Atletico, through Saul, finds a gap between the defense of Real Madrid and the ball ends with Morata entering the Madrid area. Casemiro, on the spot, contacts Morata, who falls to the ground. Estrada Fernández considers that there is no penalty. The Catalan referee gestures that the rojiblanco striker gets up and from the VAR they understand that the action should not be revisable. Cerezo, at the end of the match, showed the outrage of Atlético with this play and with this referee. It is not the first time that Atlético feels harmed in this type of actions. 32nd minute of last season’s derby, campaign 2018-19, also at the Bernabéu. Koke center from the band and the ball hits Casemiro’s arm, which cuts the direction of the ball. The rojiblancos remain of the action. Martínez Munuera, referee of the match, does not see a penalty. From the VAR González González does not see penalty either. Casemiro was, again, protagonist of a very controversial play. The derby of last season in the Wanda Metropolitano was also controversial. And also featured Casemiro, who was not penalized in any of the doubtful actions of these derbies. In that match, in minute 66, Casemiro contacts Morata, but the play does not deserve to be a penalty. The referee is Estrada Fernández, the same one who whistled yesterday at the Bernabéu. In the VAR, Martínez Munuera also does not give indications that he can review the play before the protests of the rojiblancos. Estrada Fernández, Martínez Munuera and González González. In none of the three derbies mentioned did they understand that Casemiro did anything to commit a penalty. There was a hand, a possible zancadilla and a possible tackle from the Real Madrid midfielder in the three mentioned derbies. In none of the actions, at least controversial, since former members of various media outlets agreed, the VAR entered.last_img

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