Two residents at Iowa Veterans Home test positive for COVID-19

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first_imgMARSHALLTOWN — The odds finally caught up with the largest long-term care facility in the state, as the Iowa Veterans Home now reports two positive cases of COVID-19 in residents.Commandant Timon Oujiri  says while the preferred number of cases is zero, having only two residents diagnosed is a testament to the staff. The two who tested positive were in two separate buildings that house a total of 16 residents.  “We were doing our dangest to keep it out of IVH all together, but unfortunately, as everybody knows this virus is pretty sneaky. It gets around,” Oujiri says. “One hand a couple of symptoms, the other one did not. Now we’ve tested everyone, the households that they were in. So the other 14 have come back negative, so that’s good.”In addition, 15 staff members tested positive for the virus out of 300 staffers tested. Oujiri took the step last week of closing off the I-V-H campus to the general public. “We did have a couple of community people come up and speak to our residents,” he says. “It was fantastic, it was great, but they weren’t wearing masks and we have no idea. We’re trying to control what we can control.”Oujiri says when it comes to opening the I-V-H back up, they will follow whatever federal and state guidelines are recommended.  “We don’t want to have the residents not have their families here either. It’s a hardship on them. It’s a hardship on us. It’s very, very difficult,” he says. “Now with spring here, we are getting our residents outside and I want to say thank you for the community on following my request that they don’t come on to campus.”Oujiri says Governor Reynolds and State Representative Mark Smith have done a wonderful job keeping the vets’ home stocked with the needed supplies. He says 4,000 gowns were due to be delivered on Monday.last_img

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