Still Woozy delivers a dynamic track with ‘BS’

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first_img“Focus less on getting bigger, getting famous or whatever and focus more on the music,” Gamsky said.  Rather than rapidly breaking into the industry, Gamsky urged individuals to take the time to build their work to the same level as other music currently out. “I have too many ideas to be stuck in one place,” Gamsky said, “and I don’t want people to get used to one thing either you know.” The single “BS” is out Thursday released under exclusive license to Interscope Records. Speaking to the concept of an album, Gamsky alluded to Dominic Fike’s debut studio album “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” as a point of excitement. The multi-instrumental artist said Fike’s project reassured his ideas of incorporating different styles under one project. Regarding his creative process, Gamsky said, “I just love, like, playing with sounds and textures. And it’s just so much fun to make beats, and just like create something out of nothing.”  Though on a major label, Gamsky continues to opt for self-producing his tracks.  “The beautiful part of self-producing is that you’re just curating all these sounds for people, and maybe, that’s why it feels more like a unified whole is because they’re all, this is like my particular lens, my taste,” Gamsky said. After years of songwriting, Gamsky’s has gone on to fully develop his dream-like melodies. With the recent single, “Windows,” he samples Marvin Gaye’s vocals. Gamsky’s influences continue to form inventive and playful tracks. “I could never really describe my own music ’cause I feel like I have so many different influences,” Gamsky said.  As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Still Woozy’s tours have been canceled for the time being.  Missing live performances, Gamsky shared his perspective on the most memorable performance that took place last fall at The Fonda Theatre. During this leg of the tour, USC alumna Remi Wolf was brought on tour.  Gamsky wants to let listeners know that there is no ultimate method to consume his music, but he said he does mix with headphones in mind.center_img Rather than being put on a pedestal, Gamsky wants to interact directly with the crowd. Being able to have live feedback helps keep the energy up, he said.  During the press conference Wednesday, Gamsky spoke about being “genre-less” and what that encapsulates for him. Having space to explore and express the multiple different parts of himself are essential for the artist. Yet, the 28-year-old artist makes it clear that this upcoming release is not an all-encompassing glimpse into a new direction for his sound. The focus, for now, he shares, is to produce music that interests him.  Reminiscing on his crowd surfing on a rubber ducky inflatable, Gamsky said, “It was just such good energy and just like I don’t know, I love kind of rambunctious like shit like that … It’s like the crazier the crowd gets the crazier I get.” Attendees were able to get an exclusive early listen to the highly anticipated song. Followed by a Q&A, the Bay Area native shared his creative process and memorable experiences. Two days before the release of his new single “BS,” Sven Gamsky, the namesake behind Still Woozy, joined the °1824 team of Universal Music Group for a virtual press conference.   The uninhibited nature of Gamsky’s songwriting continues to outdo genre limitations. In a time of uncertainty, the promise to not settle on a distinct sound is comforting for Still Woozy fans. Previous 2017 singles such as “Goodie Bag” and “Cooks” introduced the world to the gooey sounds and textured production signature to Gamsky’s work. Recently signed to Interscope Records, the artist is now working on new music during quarantine.  With a history of producing in his garage, Gamsky’s success in the music industry is a result of a strong work ethic. As the conference winded down, the indie artist had words of advice for upcoming artists.  “I’m mixing these tiny little noises that are like that, you know, like for a second in like the right ear or something,” Gamsky said. “And then if you’re on headphones … you’ll be able to hear that more.” The new single “BS” is filled with echoey vocals, catchy drum tracks and heavy-bass loops. The attention to production is expected with Gamsky’s detail-oriented track record.last_img

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