Small Town Baseball

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first_imgYou have seen stories I have written in the past about some of the local baseball leagues that existed 50 years ago. Most of them are now just memories for us older folks. Recently, a group of us were talking about these leagues and how toward the end of the season towns liked to pick up an extra player to help them win the playoffs. In those days it wasn’t unusual for a town to have a good player playing in some minor league system. These lower minor leagues usually ended by September 1st so when the players came home, it was certain one of the area teams would pick them up to finish the season. Even if they weren’t pitchers for their minor league team, they often were asked to pitch for these local teams, because they were great athletes and probably had pitched some time in their past. This would always cause a lot of discussion between the local teams as to just how fair this procedure was. Really, the only thing that the other team was mad about is the fact that their hated rival got to this player first and signed him up before they did. No league president would interfere because these rivalries created a lot of interest which in turn filled the stands and added some much needed money to the league treasury. You can bet that the next year all the teams would go out and scour the area to see if there were any of these guys available for that final push for local bribing rights. All I know is that it was a lot of fun as a kid to go and watch these games, because the baseball was excellent and it only cost a couple bucks to see the game.last_img

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