Instructions on issuing passes for travel to the island

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first_imgGiven the large number of requests and inquiries for the issuance of passes to go to the islands, and in order to harmonize the actions of the headquarters when issuing passes for going to the islands, the following instructions are given.   Also, it is noted that the transport of persons to the island without a pass issued in accordance with the Decision on measures restricting public transport in liner coastal maritime traffic and this Instruction, is not allowed for any type of transport. Before issuing a pass to a natural person, the civil protection headquarters responsible for the location of the planned destination on the island is obliged to obtain the consent of the competent county civil protection headquarters. A natural person who wants to come to the island from the mainland, and is in the category that can obtain a pass, a pass can be issued in case his arrival on the island is necessary and urgent, as explained in his request to the Civil Protection Headquarters for the planned destination. on the island (municipal or city civil protection headquarters). In relation to passes issued to employees of legal entities, a pass can also be issued in the event that its arrival on the island is necessary and urgent, and the issuance procedure is the same as for natural persons. Side dish: As the main purpose of the decision-making of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia is to prevent the uncontrolled movement of large numbers of people and goods that could lead to further spread of the epidemic on the islands, passes should be issued only when absolutely necessary. E-PASSES AND HOW TO GET THEM  The Minister of Administration appealed to employers and citizens to rationally and necessarily use e-Passes and stressed: “By abusing the issuance of passes, we are endangering the whole of Croatia. So be responsible, ask for passes for exclusively urgent and necessary situations and jobs. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones, and everyone who can, stay at home so that we can defeat the virus as quickly as possible. “last_img

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