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Zidane: “I’m sad, when something is lost, something happened …”

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first_imgSad. “Yes, when you lose something has happened. Four goals … you have to analyze it. Until this game we made it phenomenal. Not now. It can happen. It doesn’t change what comes to us. It’s a bad time but we have to look forward to it.”Hurts. “It hurts. You have to tell the truth, nobody likes a defeat. You have to continue, it’s over.”Rotations. “The squad is always involved, we are all together. Four goals are many, the plan to rotate, they will prove it. You have to keep fighting.”Only three midfielders. “When I put on a team I think he can do well. Sometimes we are wrong. There is a rival who plays and they did it well. We had mistakes that we don’t usually make. When we win we do it all and when we lose, we all together.”Is there a similarity with that elimination in the Cup with Leganés? “There are no similarities, it is not the same rival, nor the same thing … That was a double game and we lost here playing badly. This time it was not the case. We had mistakes, but it was football. You have to accept these games.”Miss Casemiro. “I was not in a position to play. There were others. We don’t have to look for excuses. We know what Case can give us, but there are no excuses.”VAR and cut the pace of the game before a comeback. “It can hurt, but that won’t change.”Why the Copa del Rey is choking. “It’s football, you could lose a League game as you could lose this. You have to think about the League.”Four goals against the best defense of Madrid in recent decades by statistics. “It’s not just the goalkeeper and the defenders, they’re all. It’s not their fault that they’ve received four goals. It’s tough, it’s true, but you don’t have to eat your head. We can accept that we can lose games.” Zinedine Zidane appreciated the elimination of Real Madrid in the Cup. The coach, in the flash interview, was disgusted by the defeat (3-4).Painful removal: “This is football. From time to time things do not go our way. We have been a difficult game, we have tried until the end and the reaction has been good. Even losing 1-4 we have believed. We must congratulate the rival, it’s like that. We have to accept defeat. It’s the team we have. We fought until the end. We made defensive mistakes and we weren’t good in the first half. We had difficulties and the Royal Society played well. This is football. I’m sad. yes, but when something is lost, it has happened. We must keep thinking that this is long. There is a game on Sunday and that’s it. Think about the next game. “His worst day on the bench in Madrid?: “No. In the game no, but in the defeat yes. Four goals at home is difficult, but nothing needs to be changed. We must continue with what we are doing. It was known that there are difficult games in the season and the rival He deserved the victory. “I walk ahead: “The message is to follow. We will not change anything we want to do. It hurts, because losing does not like anyone. We must accept it.”Crucial low: “Casemiro was wrong and that’s why he has been out. There are more players who also play and fight and today we had to do it with those who were.”Hobby. “It has been spectacular. They were with us supporting the players. They thought it could. We thank them. In the end we have to continue. These are complicated moments because we had not received goals for a long time and today we got four. Something has happened . We will rectify and analyze what happened to us. “Afterwards, Zidane went through the press room of the Santiago Bernabéu to analyze the elimination of Real Madrid from the Cup.Sensations. “Feeling bad because we lost at home. We tried until the end. The second part was better. With 1-4 we tried, we fought. It was not possible because the opponent played very well. We were bad in the first part in the pressure. Then we had defensive mistakes. We were able to get the room, but we will get things to learn for the future. “last_img read more

Register sex offenders and enact a ‘3 strikes’ law

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first_imgDear Editor,For more than two decades, I have written letters to the media and spoken on national television about the urgent need to register sex offenders and post signs outside the homes of criminals released after serving jail time for sex crimes against adults and minors.During that time, I have also advocated tirelessly for the enactment of a ‘three strikes’ law to impose automatic sentences of life imprisonment on the third conviction for serious crimes by persistent offenders.The issue of a registry of sex offenders is a hot issue again because a poll conducted in June and July by The Caribbean Voice found that Guyanese overwhelmingly support the establishment of such a registry. I am not at all surprised because it makes good sense.I commend The Caribbean Voice for conducting the poll and also for initiating a petition for the Government of Guyana to do whatever is necessary to establish a national sex offender’s registry. I hope this petition will get so much support that Government will be forced to respond quickly and positively.There is no doubt in my mind that this should also be a regional movement. That is why I support the move by The Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes (CCASC) to start a petition in St Lucia as a pilot project to press for a sex offender registry for the entire Caribbean.In fact, I strongly advise President David Granger to follow the example of Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell who announced last December that his Government will enact legislation to register convicted sex offenders and establish a special victims unit.Many developed countries, including Canada, the USA and New Zealand register sex offenders, so why not us? America even has Megan’s Law, which forces convicted sex offenders against children to notify local Police of any change of address or employment after release from custody.Registered convicted pedophiles in the USA also have notices identifying them as Child Sex Offenders posted outside their homes, and their passports are stamped with a special marker to alert people when they travel.I believe Guyana should set the standard in the Caribbean for dealing with sex criminals.The names, photographs and personal data of sex offenders should be published in all media and on all community bulletin boards as a social service. The Police also need to use social media to oust sex criminals by creating a website or Facebook page identifying wanted or convicted offenders.I believe that Guyana should also follow the lead of the USA’s Megan’s Law and enact laws to put a special stamp on each page of the passport of every convicted sex criminal so that wherever they travel in the world, people will be warned.I know ‘bleeding hearts’ will squirm at my suggestions, but powerful action is absolutely necessary.The bleeding-heart brigade might say these perverts are all sick. If they are sick, then put them away for a long time. In many cases, little can be done for them other than castration. This is why the holy books have spoken about castration or death sentences for sexual offences.We also have to be careful not to allow foreign sex criminals to slip into Guyana secretly to do their dirty deeds. I know that Interpol sends out ‘green notices’ about registered sex offenders and the US Department of Justice will partner with any nation to share sex offender data, provided there are laws in place to allow this. Guyana has to take full advantage of such opportunities.I want to point out that while announcing plans to establish a sex offender’s registry in Grenada, Prime Minister Mitchell said: “We have also heard the overwhelming cries of our people and we are, therefore, pushing to enact the necessary legislative changes…”This statement tells me that patriots like me who are fighting for a lawful, peaceful and united Guyana have to raise our voices and create a massive outcry to get the necessary changes to cut crime in Guyana. Only the ‘overwhelming cries of the people’ will spur our leaders into action.Sincerely,Roshan Khan Snrlast_img read more

Great to be back, says Harry Kane

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first_img“Great to be back with my team,” Kane tweeted along with the photo.The England captain has been sidelined with the injury he suffered in Tottenham’s defeat against Manchester United on January 13.Initially, it had been expected that Kane, who has scored 20 times in all competitions for Spurs this season, would not be fit to return until March.Tottenham have won all four league matches in his absence and stand on the brink of the Champions League quarter-finals after an opening-leg 3-0 victory against Borussia Dortmund last week.But Kane’s imminent return is timely for the north London club as they fight to stay in contention in the league, and bid to progress in Europe.Spurs trail Manchester City and Liverpool by five points ahead of this weekend’s fixtures.Tottenham can ramp up the pressure on t he top two as they travel to Burnley in Saturday’s early kick-off in the Premier League.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Harry Kane: Great to be backLONDON, United Kingdom, Feb 21 – Tottenham striker Harry Kane says it is “great to be back” after posting a picture training alongside his Spurs team-mates.Kane has made a speedy recover from an ankle injury and is expected to return to action ahead of schedule in Spurs’ Premier League match at Burnley on Saturday.last_img read more