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Guerrilla Archiving: The Resistance takes on #DataRescue

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first_imgA new movement to secure and protect scientific information some fear will be lost throughout the Trump Administration is gaining traction across the United States.Guerrilla archiving, the effort to copy government website data onto independent servers, hopes to safeguard irreplaceable scientific information from political interference.Some environmentalists think the notoriously climate-hostile Trump Administration will intentionally delete public data on climate change, pollution, renewable energy, and more. Yet most do not see the malicious deleting of data as a threat due to the high risk of political backlash.Instead, environmentalists are scared that valuable information will be lost through the chaos of transition, downsizing of the Environmental Protection Agency, and environmental deregulation. Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist and journalist who helped launch the guerrilla archiving movement explains, “the biggest concern is that, either through budget cuts or neglect or tough changing priorities, some data is lost or at least access to it is lost.”Surprisingly enough, there is no federal system in place to protect and archive government website material. Indeed in 2008, the National Archives and Records Administration controversially decided to not record snapshots of government webpages.In December, the University of Toronto formally kicked off the movement with a conference entitled “Guerrilla Archiving: Saving Environmental Data from the Trump Administration.” The event was co-hosted by Internet Archive, a San Francisco based nonprofit that aims to archive United States Government websites that are at risk during political transitions.The event brought together a wide range of participants: scientists, coders, librarians, archivers, and many other tech savvy types. Decentralized in nature, the conference allowed different groups to focus on varying infrastructure priorities or policy areas.Librarians made sure data was correctly archived so it could still be used in professional research. Coders worked to streamline the data harvesting process. Scientists pinpointed certain research areas and datasets that could be at risk. Everyone had a place at the table.Since the Toronto event, similar action days have sprung up across the country, primarily in cities with burgeoning tech industries. In March, there will be guerrilla archiving events in New Haven, Ct., Madison, Wi., and Houston, Tx.Guerrilla archiving workflow has also been formalized for the masses through a custom built “Archivers” app. The mobile app allows individuals to check what government websites are yet to be archived and to then feed pages into Internet Archive’s End of Term database. If the specific page is too complex to download, the page can be flagged for further technical attention.Through action events and the Archive app, guerrilla archiving aims to empower citizens to secure and protect federal digital records–records that are not only important to our Earth, but our collective history.last_img read more

How to balance saving for retirement with saving for your kids’ college education

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first_imgParents often find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to doing what’s best for themselves and their children. One financial adviser offers a formula to make it easier.by: Ruth Davis KonigsbergIt’s a uniquely Gen X personal finance dilemma: Should those of us with young children be socking away our savings in 401(k)s and IRAs to make up for Social Security’s predicted shortfall, or in 529s to meet our children’s inevitably gigantic college tuition bills? Ideally, of course, we’d contribute to both—but that would require considerable discretionary income. If you have to chose one over the other, which should you pick?There are two distinct schools of thought on the answer. The first advocates saving for retirement over college because it’s more important to ensure your own financial health. This is sort of an extension of the put-on-your-own-oxygen-mask-first maxim, and it certainly makes some sense: Your kids can always borrow for college, but you can’t really borrow for retirement, with the exception of a reverse home mortgage, which most advisers think is a terrible idea.The flip side of this, however, is that while you can choose when to retire and delay it if necessary, you can’t really delay when your kid goes to college. Moreover, the cost of tuition has been rising at a much faster rate than inflation, another argument for making college savings a priority. Finally, many parents don’t want to saddle their young with an enormous amount of debt when they graduate.According to a recent survey by Sallie Mae and Ipsos, out-of-pocket parental contributions for college, whether from current income or savings, increased in 2014, while borrowing by students and parents actually dropped to the lowest level in five years, perhaps the result of an improved economy and a bull market for stocks. But clearly, parents often find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to doing what’s best for themselves and their children: While 21% of families did not rely on any financial aid or borrowing at all, 7% percent withdrew money from retirement accounts. continue reading » 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Lady Eagles Struggle Against Hawks

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first_img State budget vs. job creation – January 22, 2015 Bio This is placeholder textThis is placeholder text Latest Posts House fire in Winter Harbor – October 27, 2014 Hancock County Court News Nov. 3 thorugh Dec. 11 – January 22, 2015 HERMON — The Hermon Hawks took a 20-5 first period lead and cruised to a 64-40 win over the Ellsworth Eagles on Friday.Rachel Alley led a trio of double-figure scorers for Hermon with 11 points, Kayla Snow had 10 points and 10 rebounds and Ashley Thayer had 10 points.Morgan Card scored 12 points and Annika Firestone added nine for the Eagles.For more sports news, pick up a copy of The Ellsworth American. admin Latest posts by admin (see all)last_img