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Nicaraguan Police on Alert to Prevent the Entrance of Gang Members

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first_imgBy Dialogo February 18, 2010 The Nicaraguan police declared a “general alert” to prevent the entrance of gangs operating in neighboring countries and their influence on criminal youth groups in the country, an official source announced. The director of the police, First Commissioner Aminta Granera, instructed all structures to “be alert; we have to maximize our efforts so that the danger of the gangs from the north (of Central America) does not shift here, which would cause serious problems if they came and provoked a jump in the activities of youth groups or gangs in Nicaragua.” Nicaragua does not have criminal gangs of the kind that operate in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, and the youth groups or gangs that it does have are very different qualitatively; they do not have links to organized crime, the police chief explained during an annual report to President Daniel Ortega. The authorities’ alarm skyrocketed following the capture in different parts of the country last year of fourteen members of the Mara Salvatrucha and M-18 gangs, who were deported to their countries of origin. The police chief emphasized that Nicaragua’s police system is effective, since “we are capable of detecting (the gang members), and we did not give them time to create a social base or organize groups in the country.” Granera highlighted the police’s preventive work in dealing with youth groups or gangs, which succeeded in drawing four hundred young people away from these groups in 2009. The police are currently working with 11,490 young people who participate in sports groups, and this effort has been increased, with 25,150 people, including officers, young people, and community members, participating in the effort to prevent youth violence, she specified.last_img read more

Rising interest rates boost coverage ratios at KLM pension funds

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first_imgThe coverage ratio at the three large KLM pension funds rose by more than 6 percentage points over the third quarter, thanks to rising long-term interest rates and positive returns on investments.Both the €6.3bn pension fund for ground staff (the Algemeen Pensioenfonds KLM) and the €2bn scheme for cabin staff (Cabinepersoneel) reported quarterly returns of 1.8%, resulting in year-to-date returns of 0.4% and -0.1%, respectively.The schemes said they benefited in particular from rising interest rates, which have risen by approximately 0.2 percentage points since June.With funding of 120.3% and 120.6%, respectively, at September-end, the schemes’ coverage now exceeds the government’s required financial buffers. Both pension funds reported a quarterly return of more than 5% on their equity holdings, as well as a 1.8% return on real estate.However, due to increasing in interest rates, they incurred losses of 0.3% and 0.2%, respectively, on their fixed income investments.In addition, they lost 0.1% and 0.2%, respectively, on their interest hedge – covering between 45% and 55% of the interest risk on their liabilities.They also took a 0.3% loss on their equity hedge, on the back of rising markets.The €7bn KLM scheme for flying staff (Vliegend Personeel) reported a 1.7% return during the last quarter, and saw its funding improve to 130.1%.Blue Sky Group manages the KLM pension funds’ assets.last_img read more